Monday, November 14, 2011

Three Day Weekend!

Lovely three-day weekend with glorious weather!  It was the perfect opportunity for my latest project  -  repainting Husband's pirates - Blackbeard and Precious!  They aren't exactly cut out for outdoor use and although I only have "after" pictures of Precious, I remembered to get Blackbeard's "before" and "after" photos. See what you think!
Mr. Scruffy
Mr. Handsome
Handsome -
After repainting them, I put on a heavy coat of polyurethane to better protect them while they're outside.
Yes, that's fresh lipstick, but it wasn't my idea! She came with red lipstick already on!  
So I decided that if a female pirate can actually look this FANTASTIC (yeah right!) and if she can come to our household with lipstick already on (as if!), then I'm painting her fingernails to match!  So there!  It's called "artistic license" and I have plenty of it! 

Enjoy and have a lovely evening!  May God Bless, Jan