Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekends End Too Quickly!!

I understand time passes much quicker the older we get, but does that have to include the weekends as well?  Quite frankly, I enjoy the week days passing by quickly because I'm at work!  Tacky, but true, even though I do enjoy my job for the most part.  But I LIVE for my weekends!!  And in about 3.328 seconds, it's GONE!!  What's up with that?!?!  It's the same with our evenings!  You blink twice and - HEY PRESTO - you're back at work the next morning!! Geeeessssshhhhhh! 

So I've decided to petition for a two-day workweek and a five day weekend! Simple enough; just reverse the schedule we have now.  We'd all be much happier.......well, perhaps most of us would.  And just think of the fun we'd have!!  And the "projects" we'd get completed!  And the places we'd go and the people we'd see!!  Yes, I think I'm definitely headed in the right area!

So.....see you all on the weekend . . . tomorrow!  May God Bless, Jan