Thursday, January 19, 2012

Memories of Christmas 3

Back again! For those of you who are just tuning in, these are photos of my favorite Christmas ornaments and decorations, along with a few lines about each one. These are things I want to remember in my "older" age and I want to make sure my children and grandchildren know their importance before they chuck them out the window or send them to a thrift shop after I'm dead and gone! Hey - where else can you have this kind of fun?

Bittersweet memories accompany these two sweet angels.  My maternal grandmother, Irene Isobel Klutts, died on 18 December 1998.  My father, Bobby Gene Oliver, died the day before, on 17 December 1998. In January 1998, my Great Aunt, Arlie Davis, died.  And Nigel spent the first six months of that same year stationed with the Army in South Korea.  To say the year was a challenge is putting it mildly.  But we got through it, with lots of prayer and love and perseverance!  At Christmas, which was certainly not the happiest of times, Nigel's mom, Valerie, got me and Gran's three daughters - my mom and my two aunts - each an angel.  It was to remind us of the Angels we now had in Heaven!  The one above belongs to my Mom, Joy, and the one below is mine. 

I cherish these angels as a sweet reminder of those in Heaven before us.  At first, it was hard to look at them; the loss was still too new and too raw.  But now I find peace in them as I hang them high on the Christmas tree every year, so they can continue to watch over us.  And I'm convinced Gran "plunks" me every now and then when I'm being a stinker - just like she did when she was here on Earth.  As for Dad - he just grins because he knows I'm way too much like him!  Sweet, beloved memories!

Change of mood - because Gran and Dad did NOT go in for long, drawn out histrionics!  This wooden goose is one of three identical ones.  They were my very first Christmas ornaments purchased in West Germany, in the town of Mannheim. Their wings actually move slightly and they can also stand up on their own.  I'm thinking that one of them should remain here with me and the other two should be given to Laura and Liz.  I wonder if they would cherish them the way I do? Hmmmm........we'll just have to wait and see.

One year my Aunt Pat made these for the girls for Christmas! Aren't they cute?  And they're very easy to make too!  Just glue a brown pipe cleaner, googly eyes and a tiny felt ball on a clothespin and - Presto!!
Here's another variation of the clothespin reindeer Liz did in school one year.  Two old-fashioned clothespins glued together with a bit of ribbon tied around for a neck scarf, then each child drew on a face!

Isabel made this in class this year!  She's at that wonderful age where she still appreciates it when I put her art and projects on the tree and all over the house.  Before long though, I'll get to hear moans and groans all over again, about why I shouldn't be putting "that old thing" on the tree.  But I'll tell her like I told her Mother and her Aunt Liz before her - TOUGH!! It stays!!!

Another piece of art work from Isabel, from last Christmas.  The schools come up with the cutest ideas throughout the year!  I've kept as much of the girls' artwork as I could down through the years and now I have another collection started of Isabel's art.  It's so much fun going back through them every now and then.

Ah, olde Homer Paint Bucket!! 
 What can I say?  Home Depot is considered Nigel's 2nd home and he frequently receives gift cards to spend there.  A few years back, they started coming out with these really cool items that held the gift cards. 

This apron was designed to hold one of the gift cards in the pocket in front!

This tool box actually opens up!! I love it!!  Last year, I made Nigel a "Home Depot Christmas Tree".  It was about a foot tall and I hung all these ornaments and card holders on it, then sat it in his study upstairs.  He loved it!  I got lazy this year though and just kept them on the big tree downstairs.

This ornament, from this Christmas 2011, is my favorite!  It's a Tool Snowflake!
Now I ask you - is this talent or what?  Who would have thought it?
And this is the last entry for this post.  Hallmark did it again!  They came out with this "home improvement" ornament a few years ago, the same year Nigel re-painted the entire house, so it was perfect timing!  When asked what his favorite ornament was, he said it was this one and one other you haven't seen yet!

That's it for this post!  Hope you have a lovely evening and I'll see you next time!  Love and Blessings, Jan

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  1. Oh the memories our favorite ornaments bring. I hope mine don't end up on a yard sale table!