Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Has Sprung Once Again!

Yes, it's true. I'm still alive!  Seems like ages and ages since I've posted, and even this post isn't going to be a long one.  But I wanted to share with you some lovely photos of spring here in Alabama!  Crazy weather has been in the 80's!!  That may sound great to some of you who are snow-bound still, but remember that when it gets this warm this early, it usually spells:  t.o.r.n.a.d.o.  And if it's this warm now, I hate to think of what this summer will bring.  Oh well, nothing to do but enjoy what there is while it's here!

Everything is blooming, budding and flowering!
Allergy season is well and truly here, but worth every sneeze just to be able to look at all this beauty!
This is one of our "wilder" plants. It's called a Black Tar Pine.
Funky looking, isn't it?
We'll call him "Spike" for short!
Our beautiful flowering cherry tree. Not long for this world though. Nigel is about to cut it down. And when the rain came the afternoon I took this photo, it didn't look very nice at all. And why is Nigel cutting down the cherry tree, you may ask!
To make room for Nigel's latest project, that's what!  And the cherry tree isn't the only thing to go.  Just behind this low rock wall were 7 very beautiful, tall and full yew trees.  Now there's just dirt, but soon there will be a courtyard!  Where you see dirt and "grass" now will be stone covered, with a stone wall about three & a half feet tall, encircling the entire area. Inside the area will be a stone fire place, a built in place for the gas grill, and a fire pit!  And over part of the area will be an arbor to shield some of the sun in summer.  This has been a dream of Nigel's for years, and finally he's making it come true.  He's so happy, he's like a kid with a new toy!  Working all kinds of crazy hours during this past two weeks he's had off, he'll end up going back to work to rest!  I'll be showing you more photos as things "develop"!  Until then, have a blessed evening! Jan

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