Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catty Wompkins!!

Another beautiful Saturday!  Cold and windy, but sun shining brightly!!  Here are recent photos of Thistle and Dundee, the Fursdon Catty Wompkins!

Nothing like waking up in the morning with these two at the foot of your bed! 
Hello Mother! Are you awake yet, because if you are, I need a snuggle!  So....are you awake yet? 
A wonderful mistake of a photo! I'm going to attempt to draw Thistle like this! 
Oh Mother Dearest, when will you grow up?  Oh my, this is so taxing.
I'm not quite sure why Dundee is on the bed beside me Mother. Afterall, this is my bed, isn't it?
 Thistle hates having her picture taken, so how did I get this lovely clear shot?  By turning my camera upside down, coming up from behind her and quickly snapping it while the camera was under her chin!  That's how! Then all I had to do was rotate the photo on my computer!  Whew!  Not bad, huh?!?!?
Mother, you are beginning to annoy me.
I trust this is your last picture, Mother?  Because if it isn't.........

Hope everyone's weekend is lovely and lengthy!  Love and Blessings to All! Jan