Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reinventing Myself Once Again

I often wonder how many times in life each of us "begin again" after leaving off at some point or other in the past.  I imagine we do it more often than we realize and I like to think it's how we keep things fresh and interesting. Although it seems like I've been gone forever, I can see now it's only been a couple of months.  But what a lot of things have changed in those months!!

Isabel's school is out for the summer, as well as Dance Class and Girl Scouts. And - best of all - Laura has returned from Afghanistan!!! 

I was beginning to think it would never happen and I felt I was aging much faster than the amount of days that were passing!  But time finally stopped dragging and she got in the evening of 6 June.  But there's more!! The week before Laura arrived home, we had International Guests!! Nigel's sister Marian and her husband Gary and granddaughter Harli were here from England!! It was wonderful to see them again and we were especially pleased because they were here with us while Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee celebrations were going on in full swing "across the pond".  And wonder of wonders, the weather actually cooperated while they were here.  Instead of the usual June heat and humidity, we enjoyed beautiful days in the 80's (Fahrenheit) with lovely breezes and occasional showers!  It could not have been prettier!

They left the same evening Laura arrived and luckily they were able to spend about five minutes visiting in the airport as one plane arrived and the other was boarding to leave!  So it's been non-stop for the past couple of weeks and only now are we slowing down and getting back into our "new" routine.

None of us realized just how much work it would take to get all of Isabel's things back to her house, as well as all the boxes Laura had shipped home unpacked, then get all of Mama's things back over here! As I said though, we're finally settled in and I have to admit, it's been a lovely Sunday.

I actually spent time in my studio for a few hours this morning, finally beginning the very belated wedding and honeymoon scrapbook I'd promised Liz and Jake, in honor of their one-year anniversary tomorrow (18 June)!  I'd actually promised I'd have it done this past Christmas but you can see how successful that's been!  I'll post some photos of it once I complete it.  It was hilarious getting started.  I hadn't done anything in so long and I was all thumbs. After 40 minutes, all I'd accomplished was to cut one piece of fabric three times!! Yes, three!!  I very carefully measured what I thought I needed (8"x9"), then realized it was off so I very carefully measured another piece and cut it (8"x10"), realized it was still off, then measured very, very carefully one more time, and finally got it right (9"x9").  Whew!  When I realized everything I'd managed to accomplish in such a short amount of time, I got tickled and spent the next five minutes giggling!  Oh well, at least I didn't get frustrated and give up!

Whoops! I've digressed! Tomorrow Laura and Isabel leave for a very special Mother-Daughter trip to Disney World!  Sounds like more photos to post about!!  Until then, here are some photos I've taken recently.  Hope you enjoy them!

 The concrete was disentigrating on this fountain! Kind of weird but there it is.  So I planted it with succulents and it looks great!

My husband has the greenest thumbs you've ever seen!! I got home from work Friday and noticed out of the corner of my eye that there seemed to be a lot of ripe blueberries ready to pick.  When I turned the corner, I was amazed!! This is only half of what I ended up picking, not to mention what I ended up eating while I was picking them!! And there's still plenty more on the branches! Now this may not seem such a big deal to those living in the foreign lands of the north, but down here in the South, getting blueberries in June is quite an accomplishment!! And they're the sweetest they've ever been!!  Yummy!!

 Fabulous hand-glazed bowls Laura brought back from Afghanistan!!

 That's it for now! I still have lots of photos so perhaps I'll be back within a few days! Who knows? There may be hope for me yet?!?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and may God bless! Jan