Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time to Decorate for Easter!!

I promised Isabel I'd decorate for Easter this year because I was lazy last year and didn't.  Naturally she remembered my promise (don't they always?), so here are the decorations for this year.

 Kitchen Window - where all cats and rabbits congregate!!  Isabel made the two cat cards, one for Grandpa's birthday and one for mine (I got mine only because I whined and whined until she agreed to do one for me "just like Grandpa's"!!)
 Close up of "wee tiny" rabbits!
 Easter eggs are everywhere!!
The Easter Tree!!
Close up - Doesn't Santos Lucia look lovely next to it?  And Dundee the Cat loves to sleep here too!
 Rabbits here too!
 More eggs! Yummy colors!
I never seem to photograph the chandelier well, but there are bunnies and eggs and all sorts of little critters throughout the greenery!

A very special tree that my daughter Liz won during a church Easter function when she was about 5 or 6. Memorable to say the least, because when they called out the winning number, we heard this very small voice from far off, say "I won!! It's me!"  Everyone eventually looked UP and there the little minx was, in the uppermost branches of a HUGE tree!! Somehow I remained calm, because I didn't want to scare her.  When she finally reached the bottom, it was a different story altogether! Parenthood!

 These are so precious! They're soft and almost squishy! So sweet!!
 No shortage of eggs in this house!
One of two Easter egg wreaths that hang on the french doors. 

 Aren't these so COOL!!!???  They're in an actual egg carton half and the chicks are actually candles (although I admit to cutting the wicks off the tops of their heads).  And the outer shell is actually hard resin!  They're also removable.  Yes, I do love the holidays!!
Well, that's it for this post!  Hope the sun comes out for everyone like it did for us today!!
Love and God's Blessings, Jan

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