Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pretty Pennants!!

I made these pennants a couple of years ago, put them away, then forgot all about them!  Sometimes I wonder about me!!

Well....I found them the other day, tweaked them a little - and decided they're far too pretty to be tucked away, so I hung them on my studio table.

If I was smart, I'd make these part of my blog banner!  But I'd have to take better photos first! I detect a new project on the horizon?  Groan! Not another one!!!

I have to admit, these were so much fun to make!  I just kept pulling stuff from "hither and yon", including some waste cardstock for the base.  Then I stitched  pretty cardstock on top, then started gluing and sewing!  Following are some close-ups of the individual pennants.

Now how did Isabel get into this blog post?
 I have to brag on her though.  She's in the middle of chopping walnuts for the banana bread she made all by herself!!  Growing up so fast!!!  BTW - the banana bread was AWESOME!!

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