Saturday, February 13, 2016

RE-juvenating, RE-purposing, RE-vitalizing.......RE-TIREMENT!!!!

Yes, I've FINALLY retired!!!  Two weeks ago and I still don't have a new blog post out, so today is the day!! 

The biggest news - in addition to retiring of course - is that an article of mine was published in one of my favorite magazines - Stampington and Company's Altered Couture!!!!!   I can hardly believe it!! Check out the badge on the right and it should take you there.  I'm SO excited.  It's my first publication in a national magazine!  And the best part about it was that it featured a lace tablecloth my Gran made years and years ago which I "repurposed" into a lace shawl!  So in a very real sense, Gran got published too!  Just click on the badge to the right. When you get to the link, my article is the sixth picture shown underneath the main magazine cover!  EXCITED!!!!!

Goodness, so many things have changed in the past few months.  I no longer have a booth at Hartlex Antique Mall.  It just wasn't a good "fit" for me because I want to do more creative things, rather than just have antiques and vintage items. Having said that, it's a wonderful place to shop for antiques in  Huntsville! Many thanks to Leslie and Mark for all their help!

I still have my Etsy shop, which has been doing really well the past several months.  Tea cozies have been selling like crazy!!  My badge for this is on the right also.  And now I'm at University Pickers!!! I only have a few shelves right now, but we're expanding (almost doubling in space!) so within two months or so, I should have a booth there.  If anyone is interested in being a vendor, just go to their Facebook page (University Pickers) and it will give you information about this.  Here are pictures of my current shelves:

 Some rejuvenated. Some vintage.  Some hand-made.
LOTS of fun!!

Yes, I love angels too! And needlepoint!
In the meantime, I've been creating and repurposing new items the past couple of days for Easter.  Here are some of my Easter Cloches:
See what you think of this little guy! 
Isn't he precious!!  And here are a few other items:
Can you tell there's a surprise inside?  I have several of these chicken dishes at home
 and they're just as sweet as they can be!!
 This little darling bird and nest used to be terrifically boring until I revitalized him into his current sweet state!
I LOVE rabbits, and Easter eggs, and pastel shades too!
Can you tell?   
Another re-do.  This was once a very tired looking silver plate
basket that I spray painted
 and added a little Easter whimsy! 
Peter Rabbit himself.  Eggs anyone?

Well, that's it for now.  I have to get tags written up for these, and then into University Pickers they go on Monday!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

May God Bless, Jan