Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fresh Picked Corn From Iowa!!

Nigel spent several days in El Dora, Iowa, visiting Renee' and Doug Minteer - good friends of ours from our Army days!  The corn crop is beautiful this year and Nigel went a little overboard bringing some of it back to Alabama!  Mom is a trooper! She jumped right in and started shucking the next day!  What you see is only a small portion; there's quite a bit more in the kitchen to the right, and Nigel had already taken several bags over to our neighbors.  I took another 60 ears to work with me on Tuesday, which didn't last very long.  It's delicious!  So much better than the corn we get here in Alabama.  I even ate one whole cob raw!  Yummy!! Even better, Nigel managed to rest a little.  While he was there, I spent my weekend with my very, very best friend in the whole wide world - Sherry Craig!  But that's another post!  See you soon! Jan

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